Paradores: Intimate charm in Spain

Looking for a unique way to experience Spain?  Paradores are government-operated upscale and luxury accommodations in historic buildings such as convents, castles, and palaces.  Other properties in the collection are modern built but located in special settings.  Paradores also feature the region’s culinary specialties and range in size and property amenities.

There are 93 paradores across Spain with an average size of 63 rooms at each property.  Combine two or three paradores and a car rental to make your own custom itinerary in Spain.  But book early!  The more popular paradores tend to fill up quickly.

Here’s a sampling of the paradores you can visit:

  • Parador de Granada is a 15th century convent located adjacent to the Alhambra.  You’ll enjoy beautiful grounds and building, exceptional vistas and an excellent location.
  • Parador de Alcaniz is an imposing 12th century castle situated on a hill top.  The Castle of the Order of Calatrava also served as a convent and palace in its history.  Gothic murals and furnishings grace the interior, and there’s a lovely garden on the grounds.
  • Parador de Zamora is a 15th century Renaissance palace built over the ruins of a Roman fortress.  Gracing the public areas are tapestries and suits of armor, and rooms are furnished with canopied beds.  There’s also a pool and gardens onsite.
  • Parador de Carmona is in a 14th century Moorish citadel located near Sevilla.  This beautiful building also offers a pool, gardens, a terrace, and a lovely fountain.  The grounds and views are wonderful.

~Cindy Grant, Travel Consultant 972-625-6200

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