Two resorts to close their doors in French Polynesia this fall

Last week brought the announcements of two resort closures in Tahiti (French Polynesia) during Fall 2012.

Sofitel Tahiti Resort, a 3 1/2 star beachfront resort hotel in Papeete Tahiti is scheduled to close on November 30.  Their sister properties in Moorea and Bora Bora will remain open.

Also announced is the closing of Manihi Pearl Resort, a 3 1/2 star resort located on the atoll island of Manihi on September 15.  Their sister properties Bora Bora Pearl Resort, Moorea Pearl Resort, Tikihau Pearl Resort, and Manava Suites Resort will remain open.

Manihi Pearl Resort set to close Sep 2012

I’m especially sad to hear about Manihi Pearl Resort closing.  I never got a chance to visit it (though I have visited all other sister properties).  Its closing effectively means no decent lodging options on the remote island of Manihi.  However, if you are looking for the atoll island experience (which is a ring island with a lagoon but no extinct volcanic island in the middle) there’s still Tikehau Pearl Resort (on Tikehau) and Kia Ora Resort (on Rangiroa).

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