Underwater resort in Fiji never surfaced

Being a travel specialist for dream beach destinations, I occasionally get an email from a client with a gorgeous postcard quality image (of a beach or resort) followed by the question of “where is this place?”  It’s a sort of Where’s Waldo for the bucket list.

Well, this picture has been in circulation online as one of the coolest resorts out there:

The underwater resort that doesn't exist

Problem is that this resort (the Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji) which was to cost $30,000 per couple for a 6 night all-inclusive stay (4 nights in a beach bure and 2 nights underwater in this suite in the image) NEVER MATERIALIZED!  Yes, that’s right.  The resort never opened.  In fact, this picture is a drawing and not an actual underwater suite.

It sounds like it was more of a sham rather than delayed construction efforts because the actual island location was kept a secret (how handy), and no one in Fiji knows of construction going on.

Bummer, right?  So for now at least, you’ll have to -settle- for overwater accommodations instead of underwater accommodations!  And this is officially one resort you can scratch off that bucket list.

~Happy travels, Cindy Grant Travel Consultant at Reconnect Travel/Expert Family Travel.  972-625-6200 cindy@expertfamilytravel.com  Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area (in Texas) serving clients in the US and Canada.


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