Europe: what’s your travel style?

Summer is just around the corner, and Europe is proving to be a popular destination this year. There’s more than one way to experience Europe based on your energy level, interests, budget, and length of stay.  Here’s an easy way to break down your options.

  • City Stay – Stay in one hotel, one city for the duration of your stay.  If you are ambitious you can book several day tours to see sites, museums, and culture.  Or, skip the pre-booked tours and just grab a guidebook for a more spontaneous style.  A City Stay is generally the best option for a shorter trip, tighter budget, or if you are traveling with young children.
  • Escorted Tour – Maximize your time and experience the most.  On an escorted tour, you are traveling with a group with a guide and a driver on a coach bus.  This leaves the driving and details to the pros and you can enjoy more while worrying less.  The pace varies based on the tour, and accommodations range from 3 star to 5 star depending on the tour company.  Most have minimum ages and are not suitable for younger children, but some (such as Adventures by Disney) specialize in families.
  • Itinerary by Rail – Travel independently and stay in multiple cities, connected by rail to get from point to point.  Some itineraries are ideal for rail, such as Italy’s Rome – Florence – Venice, or Switzerland’s Zurich – Lucerne – Geneva.
  • Self Drive – A multi-stop itinerary combined with a car rental.  This is great for certain destinations such as Ireland, Scotland, or Southern Spain.
  • River Cruise – Combines cultural immersion, simple “unpack once” style of travel, and an ever-changing landscape.  River cruises get to those hard-to-reach places that large cruise ships can’t touch. Not well suited for children.
  • Mediterranean Cruise – A mainstream cruise line itinerary hitting several popular ports of call. Some mid-size cruise lines have more intense itineraries for a cultural or culinary focus.  Depending on the cruise line selected, this can be ideal for families, and is always ideal for couples and small adult groups. Arrive into your departure port at least a day early to avoid disappointment if your flight is delayed.
  • Island Hopper – The best way to experience Greece.  Combine one, two, three or more islands with a stay in Athens, with flights or ferries connecting the dots.  Summer is high season in Greece, so book early or prepare to be a bit flexible on dates or resort choices.

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