Expert Family Travel

The family friendly all-inclusive

I sell many different destinations and lifestyles, but by far the most popular remains the family friendly all-inclusive tropical beach resort.  Here’s a basic overview for those considering an all-inclusive stay for the first time. All-inclusives are so-named because your stay includes meals, drinks, snacks, onsite activities and entertainment.  Depending on the resort, it may also include some offsite activities[…]

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Planning a group vacation

If you have a core group of friends or family a vacation is a great way to get spend some time together. And if your family is large and spread across the country, meeting at a vacation location can make things easy and stress free (not to mention fun and adventurous). All-inclusive beach resorts and cruises in Mexico or the[…]

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Spotlight on Hawaii’s Big Island

One of the six major islands in the chain, the island of Hawaii is nicknamed “Big Island” for good reason.  It is formed from five separate shield volcanoes, three of which are still active.   And at twice the size of all other Hawaiian islands combined, there’s no shortage of things to do.  It is here that you’ll find rainforest,[…]

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